of Patients Showed Improvement+


of Patients Reported Improved Neuropathy+


of Patients Reported A1C Reduction+


of Patients Reduced Medications+

Diabetes Relief – Revolutionary Approach – Superior Patient Experiences

+Data from the Schull Institute – Insulin Infusion Therapy on Diabetic Complications, 2015 (released Oct 27, 2015)

Our Patients Consistently Report

  • Energy restored
  • Medications reduced
  • Neuropathy diminished
  • Retinopathy diminished
  • Wounds healed
  • Amputations prevented
  • Weight controlled
  • Blood sugar controlled
  • Blood pressure reduced
  • Erectile function restored
  • Mood and sleep improved
  • Hair and nail growth

About Us

Diabetes Relief is an Advanced Diabetes Healthcare Center that treats patients through a combination of cutting-edge and traditional medicine.

Cutting-Edge Medicine

  • Individualized, patented physician-directed metabolic restoration program
  • Proprietary metabolic-reconditioning supplement

Traditional Medicine

  • Evaluation by specialized practitioners
  • Individualized counseling to promote lifestyle changes

Medical Approach

Infusion Therapy

Our innovative therapy treats the root cause of diabetes, which is metabolic failure. Based on results of a patient’s diagnostic tests, an individualized care plan is developed. We use FDA-approved infusion pumps programmed uniquely and specifically for our patented treatment program, which retrains the signaling and communication processes between the liver and pancreas, thus kick-starting the metabolism and improving all diabetic complications.

Metabolism Enhancer


The Metabolism Enhancer (Metab360™) has been developed by our team and is a proprietary blend of natural products designed to work in conjunction with infusion therapy to help boost the patient’s metabolism. It contains no stimulants and helps our patients extend the benefits between treatment sessions by helping maintain an enhanced metabolism.


Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests help determine the customized, patented, and specific care plan for each patient. Diagnostics are conducted prior to and during the course of treatment. They are also administered quarterly to monitor our patients’ improvements, and these quarterly reports are sent to each patient’s physician. The tests may include: blood tests, autonomic testing, cognitive testing, and NCV EMG testing. Diet, exercise, medical, and family history are also reviewed.

Traditional Care


Diabetes Relief seeks to exceed best practices and medical standards in all of our protocols, which are overseen by our Medical Directors. This total-patient care plan provides attention to diet and exercise while also monitoring  medications, vitamins, and mineral needs. Since most patients are deficient in magnesium, we offer Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera for transdermal therapy.

Doctor Testimonials

While Diabetes Relief is not a cure for metabolic disorders, it can be a bridge back to your former self. You’ll have the energy to exercise and shed those extra pounds. Your tissue beds will be renewed. Eye cells will see better. Kidney cells will filter better; heart cells will pump better; nerve cells will conduct better. All your cells will do a better job of doing their ultimate job—regenerating you!


Stanley T. Lewis


Diabetes Relief

 Chief Medical Officer

“As a cardiologist, I am excited by the possibility that tight management of diabetes, through a program such as Diabetes Relief, can potentially have positive benefits for patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.”

Ravi Kanagala, MD

Board Certified – Internal Medicine

Subspecialty – Cardiovascular Disease

Fellowship – Mayo Clinic

Patient Testimonials

My blood sugar is now controlled and my eyesight has improved so much I went from legally blind without glasses to now being able to read the captions on the TV with no glasses, and I’m down from 6 vials of insulin per month to only 3.”

Bruce B., Brazoria, TX

Type 2 Diabetic – 27 years

“It’s almost a miracle that my foot healed so well. I started  treatment and within 3 weeks it had healed. The wound had been there for 3 months prior to treatment”

Greg B., Houston, TX

Type 2 Diabetic – 10 years

Hypertension – 5 years

Neuropathy – 8 years

“I have more energy and my eyesight has improved so much that I only use bifocals now and before I had to use trifocals.”

Robert T., Houston, TX

Pre Diabetic – 8 years

Coronary Artery Disease

Triple bypass

“I have a noticeable improvement in my energy and mood now, but my favorite part is my hair and fingernail growth.”

Samantha H., Cypress, TX

Pre Diabetic – 1 year

“I’m now taking 50% less insulin, my A1c is down 3.5 points, my neuropathy is gone and my energy is way up.”

Alan H., Colorado Springs, CO

Type 2 Diabetic – 20+ years

Coronary Artery Diseases

Triple bypass, 13 cardiac stents

“It has given me my life back.”

Michael W., Crosby, TX

Type 1 Diabetic – 7 years

Neuropathy – 2 years

Thyroid Disease – 9 years

“While my blood sugar level has been improving, most important I have “seen” the most improvement in retinopathy with improving vision. My neuropathy has been improving particularly in my hands where tingly and sensation has improved. I am in my sixth week and looking forward to the next”.

Edsel R., Pointblank, TX

Type 2 Diabetic – 15+ years



“I began to feel my feet again within 8 weeks.”

Bruce C., Katy, TX

Type 2 Diabetic – 20 years

Neuropathy – 4 years

Retinopathy – 4 years

“Since I been getting treatment at Diabetes Relief, I have no more problems with neuropathy. My legs and feet use to burn, like it was on fire, but now I feel so good… I sleep well at night for the first time in years. I also experience weight loss.”

John J., Houston, TX

Type 2 Diabetic for 5+ years



“I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s like my neuropathy just disappeared and my energy level has increased.”

Wayne K., Houston, TX

Type 2 Diabetic  – 18 years

Neuropathy – 10 years

Retinopathy – 2 years

My kidney doctor said my numbers are holding steady. My eye doctor said, for the first time, that he sees no new damage, I am sleeping more, and both my blood pressure and blood sugar are getting better”.

Geneva B., Rosharon, TX



“My A1c dropped 2.3 points in 5 weeks!!!.”

DJ T., Buda, TX

Type 2 Diabetic – 5 years

Hypertension – 18 years

Products & Services



Enhances metabolism and continues benefits of our treatment between sessions

$29.95 each – 1 bottle

$28.95 each – 2 bottles

$27.95 each – 3 bottles

Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera

Apply daily to increase magnesium at the cellular level in the body. For cramps and sore muscles, apply anywhere it hurts!

$24.00 each – per bottle

Our Medical Team

Stanley Lewis, M.D., MPH

Chief Medical Officer


Medical Director

Houston Westside & The Woodlands

Internal Medicine physician with 20 years’ experience in patient care. Expertise in drug development and clinical research.

David Hall, M.D.

Medical Director


The Woodlands

Emergency medicine physician and director of hyperbaric medicine at a local hospital; 10 years’ experience dealing with critical patients.

Melanie St. Laurent

Registered Nurse, ENP

Clinical Services Manager

Houston Westside

Master’s in Nursing with a Post-Master’s as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, 20+ years in Emergency Medicine


Richard Francis Zavalla

Registered Nurse, AGPCNP

Clinical Services Supervisor

Houston Westside

Master’s in Nursing specializing in the Adult/Geriatric population, 5+ years in Critical Care



Shelly Huckaby

Registered Nurse, APRN, FNP-C

Clinical Services Supervisor

The Woodlands

Master’s in Nursing specializing in Family Practice with 10+ years experience in primary care.


Seliece Dodds

Registered Nurse, APRN

Clinical Services Supervisor

Houston Westside

Masters in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin, with a practice focus in Endocrinology and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Melina Keel

Registered Nurse, ENP

Clinical Services Supervisor

Houston Westside

Master’s in Nursing, previously held Lead Nurse Practitioner position at a prestigious Houston based hospital. 20+ years in Emergency Medicine


Our Leadership Team

Scott Hepford

Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, & Manager

Operations Development

Serial entrepreneur and operations executive with team building expertise, 20+ years in managing and growing public and private companies

Hunter Carr

Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, & Manager

Management – Strategy


Experience, Marketing, Operations, Serial Entrepreneur 50 years managing and growing companies, public and private

Dr. Stanley Lewis, M.D., MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Internal Medicine physician with 20 years’ experience in patient care. Expertise in drug development and clinical research.

Kelley Kirker

Technology Officer

Data Processing Systems

30+ years’ experience in software programming, document management, and content development

Our Legal Support

Wendy Buskop

IP Lawyer

Managing Patent Attorney at Buskop Law Group, UNH School of Law, Top Patent & Trademark Firm 2000-2014



Jim Pierce

General Counsel

Private Law Practice, Owner/Operator, U of H Doctor of Jurisprudence, 25+ years in practice



John Lunstroth

Healthcare Lawyer

Visiting Scholar, University of Houston Law School, UT Health Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Public Health


Robert L. Sonfield, Jr.

Securities Lawyer

Managing Director at Sonfield & Sonfield, U of H Law Center,  55+ years in practice



The Woodlands Clinic

 9191 Pinecroft Dr, Suite 225 The Woodlands 77380

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