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Open Letter to Physicians

Dear Doctor:

Do you have diabetic patients who, despite best efforts to follow a conventional therapy regimen, still develop secondary complications that continue to progress and worsen?

Do you worry about a patient who is at risk of an amputation due to poor circulation or a slow-healing wound? Do you worry about patients whose kidneys are failing due to diabetic nephropathy and you’re afraid dialysis is just around the corner? Do you worry about a patient who is enduring the numbness and pain of diabetic neuropathy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we would like to help. If you give us just three months, we believe we can help the overwhelming majority of your metabolically impaired patients. 

Our patients are experiencing amazing clinical outcomes. The improvements go far beyond controlling hyperglycemia and reducing HgbA1c. Our patented therapy treats the root cause of diabetes, which is metabolic failure. Our metabolic restoration treatment closely mimics the natural physiology and restores the communication between the pancreas and the liver that has been distorted in diabetic patients. Our treatment does far more than traditional programs. Our patients report experiencing increased energy, restful sleep, decreased diabetic neuropathy, decreased medications, and lower HgbA1c. Your patients could experience these and many other benefits, as well. 

The treatment is proven safe and is not experimental; in fact, a form of it has existed for 70 years! Our patented protocol incorporates today’s technology and we believe it represents an enormous step forward in the treatment of diabetes. We want to work in collaboration with you to help your patients.

Feel free to call me for further discussion of Diabetes Relief’s therapy and how we can improve your patients in just 90 days. Stop worrying about your diabetic patients as they deteriorate from this terrible condition. It’s time for some relief; it’s time for Diabetes Relief. 

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Stanley T. Lewis, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Doctors' Testimonials

“While Diabetes Relief is not a cure for metabolic disorders, it can be a bridge back to your former self. You’ll have the energy to exercise and shed those extra pounds. Your tissue beds will be renewed. Eye cells will see better. Kidney cells will filter better; heart cells will pump better; nerve cells will conduct better. All your cells will do a better job of doing their ultimate job—regenerating you!”

“As a cardiologist, I am excited by the possibility that tight management of diabetes, through a program such as Diabetes Relief, can potentially have positive benefits for patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.”

Stanley T. Lewis, MD, MPH
Diabetes Relief – Chief Medical Officer
Specialty – Internal Medicine

Ravi Kanagala, MD
Internal Medicine
Subspecialty – Cardiovascular Disease
Fellowship – Mayo Clinic

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“Diabetes shouldn't define anyone. We want to revitalize and restore the broken metabolism that defines this disease. By generating energy at the cellular level we help create healthy tissue and fight many of the complications of diabetes, leading to a healthier more vibrant life. Diabetes Relief can literally help "get your life back."

Brian Loveridge M.D.
Emergency Physician
Regional Medical Director

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