Meet the Team Revolutionizing Diabetes Care

Meet the friendly professionals dedicated to helping diabetics worldwide get their lives back—one metabolism at a time.

Our Mission Statement:

Restoring health to individuals with impaired metabolism through modern technology, thus enhancing wellness throughout the world.

Stanley Lewis, M.D., M.P.H.

Chief Medical Officer

Houston Westside

Internal medicine physician with 20 years’ experience in patient care. Expertise in drug development and clinical research.

David Hall, M.D.

Medical Director

The Woodlands

Emergency medicine physician with 10 years’ experience dealing with critical patients and as the director of hyperbaric medicine at a local hospital.

Brian Loveridge, M.D., AAEM

Regional Medical Director


Emergency Physician with 15+ years experience in “ER” stabilization and treatment. Extensive trauma experience in resuscitation and life-saving procedures.

Scott Hepford

Co-Founder & Manager

Operations – Development

Serial entrepreneur and operations executive with team building expertise, 20+ years in managing and growing public and private companies.

Hunter Carr

Co-Founder & Manager

Management – Strategy

Experience, Marketing, Operations, Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years managing and growing companies, public and private.

Brett Palmer



For nearly two decades, Brett has been a leader in many areas of the healthcare delivery system.

Brandi Messerly

Facility Administrator


Extensive 20+ years of experience with Finance, Sales & Management. As a T1D she understands the needs and concerns of Diabetics.

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