Here is What Patients Have to Say About Diabetes Relief

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“My blood sugar is now controlled and my eyesight has improved so much I went from legally blind without glasses to now being able to read the captions on the TV with no glasses, and I’m down from 6 vials of insulin per month to only 3.”

Bruce B., Brazoria, TX
Type 2 Diabetic – 27 years

“I’m now taking 50% less insulin, my A1c is down 3.5 points, my neuropathy is gone and my energy is way up.”

Alan H., Colorado Springs, CO
Type 2 Diabetic – 20+ years
Coronary Artery Diseases
Triple bypass, 13 cardiac stents

“Since I been getting treatment at Diabetes Relief, I have no more problems with neuropathy. My legs and feet use to burn, like it was on fire, but now I feel so good… I sleep well at night for the first time in years. I also experience weight loss.”

John J., Houston, TX
Type 2 Diabetic for 5+ years

“I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s like my neuropathy just disappeared and my energy level has increased.”

Wayne K., Houston, TX
Type 2 Diabetic  – 18 years
Neuropathy – 10 years
Retinopathy – 2 years

“It has given me my life back.”

Michael W., Crosby, TX
Type 1 Diabetic – 7 years
Neuropathy – 2 years
Thyroid Disease – 9 years

“It’s almost a miracle that my foot healed so well. I started  treatment and within 3 weeks it had healed. The wound had been there for 3 months prior to treatment”

Greg B., Houston, TX
Type 2 Diabetic – 10 years
Hypertension – 5 years
Neuropathy – 8 years

“I have more energy and my eyesight has improved so much that I only use bifocals now and before I had to use trifocals.”

Robert T., Houston, TX
Pre Diabetic – 8 years
Coronary Artery Disease
Triple bypass

“While my blood sugar level has been improving, most important I have “seen” the most improvement in retinopathy with improving vision. My neuropathy has been improving particularly in my hands where tingly and sensation has improved. I am in my sixth week and looking forward to the next”.

Edsel R., Pointblank, TX
Type 2 Diabetic – 15+ years

"My kidney doctor said my numbers are holding steady. My eye doctor said, for the first time, that he sees no new damage, I am sleeping more, and both my blood pressure and blood sugar are getting better”.

Geneva B., Rosharon, TX

“I have a noticeable improvement in my energy and mood now, but my favorite part is my hair and fingernail growth.”

Samantha H., Cypress, TX
Pre Diabetic – 1 year

“I began to feel my feet again within 8 weeks.”

Bruce C., Katy, TX
Type 2 Diabetic – 20 years
Neuropathy – 4 years
Retinopathy – 4 years

“My A1c dropped 2.3 points in 5 weeks!!!.”

DJ T., Buda, TX
Type 2 Diabetic – 5 years
Hypertension – 18 years

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